Saturation Party by SATCF as Release of Retorika | Article by Indie Accent


Saturation Party by SATCF as Release of Retorika

On January 26, a pop-punk band from Malang flew away to Jakarta to perform a rerun of their second album titled “Retorika”. The party was held at Rossi Music which was also enlivened by rock bands of other genres such as Final Attack, Polka Wars, and Terapi Urine.

The opening bands started heating the stage with their songs. Starting with punk genre songs from Final Attack followed by indie rock by Polka Wars with one of their flagship songs Rangkum last but not least, Terapi Urine. Then finally it’s time for SATCF to enter the stage. SATCF finally got onto the stage and started play all songs in the album “Retorika” which was followed by a very high enthusiasm from the audience. Even They got the looks that are not-so-young, it didn’t make them fail to deliver their pop punk spirits to the stage that night. Adit and cs successfully brought all the songs in the album Retorika so neat, raw, and fun.

Overall this event is great fun especially if you are a big fan of hard rock genre music such as pop punk, punk rock, to indie rock. Ticket price of 50 thousand is "worth" to pay all the noise in the night party rock to accompany the joy on your Saturday night.