Shye Premieres Music Video for how r u sleeping | Article by Indie Accent


Singapore Based Singer/Songwriter, Shye, Premieres Music Video for Heartfelt Electro-Pop Track “how r u sleeping”


Singapore-based electro-pop singer, songwriter, and producer, Shye, has released her newest music video for single "how r u sleeping”. It is a smooth, heartfelt electro-pop song about her anxious moments and the time when sleep didn’t come easy for her.

The music video finds itself in the DIY style footage with smooth, low-res camerawork, capturing the inexplicable ways in which the moment nestles itself within our daily lives. She explains, "I shot it with a kids camcorder and the quality was the vibe I was after. I had lots of fun going to different locations with my mum, shooting and editing it.

Here you can watch the music video for “how r u sleeping” exclusively on Indie Accent:

“how r u sleeping” opens with a soft, intertwining electronic loop, offering listeners a lighter and slow-paced approach than previous singles. It is a refreshingly light and melodically hypnotic, electro-pop gem. “This single is a reminder to check in on our friends and loved ones because we may never truly know what someone is going through and the battles that they might be keeping to themselves. I hope everyone has someone that they can trust and talk to,” said Shye about the track. It adds just the right amount of containment and comfort to make it feel okay.

This is a chilled out electro-pop dreamscape of easy listening wonderment. This tune lulls you in with soft vocals and delicate electronic tunes. Then, suddenly drops you down into an atmospheric, dreamy soundscape and lets you float along.