Singapore Based Indie Pop Quartet M1LDL1FE Premiere Music Video for Existential Track Cant Seem To Get Anything | Article by Indie Accent


Singapore Based Indie Pop Quartet, M1LDL1FE, Premiere Music Video for Existential Track “Can't Seem To Get Anything”


Following the release of their latest single "Can’t Seem to Get Anything", indie quartet M1LDL1FE has premiered the music video to accompany the track on Indie Accent. "Can't Seem To Get Anything" is a whirlwind of fuzz guitars and eerie synth sounds swirling around its main lyrical motif; a snapshot of what it feels like to be under the mental duress of depression and anxiety

A catchy guitar riffs rides atop thumping bass kicks, while singer, wistfully reflecting the current mood of a generation coming to terms with healing from a global pandemic with energetic vocals and gritty chords as their essentials. "When we first heard M1LDL1FE’s Can’t Seem to Get Anything, we felt how it was a perfect encapsulation of the anxiety and alienation, being stuck within our four walls during the pandemic. It was a really cathartic experience listening to the song and translating it into visuals," says Phoebe Ting, the project lead and animator. "The music video focuses on a portrait of an individual debilitated by the tremors of their mind, unable to connect with anything. Inspired by the distorted reverbs of the electric guitar and echoey synths, we explored with distortion and glitching of images. To further illustrate the visceral sensation of dissociation, the whole music video is seen through a chromatic abbreviated lens. We really enjoy the song and we hope our visual helped to convey it.”

Showcasing their thoughtful but fun brand of indie pop music, the song “Cant Seem To Get Anything”, we're treated to an absorbing 2000’s influenced slow rocker, with just the right balance of reverb to give it that slacker vibe and wonderfully melodic song.

Frontman Paddy Ong shares, "The song is a manifestation of some of the low points we have had in our personal lives over the past couple of years - personal losses, relationship issues, mental health struggles, in addition to the stresses of the daily grind. We're only human and sometimes it just feels like your mind is all seized up when it gets too much; you get paralysed with everything that's going on and you just can't do anything and can't get out of your own head. That's how the lines for the chorus/refrain came about. The song acts as a sort of cry for help, an acceptance that something doesn't feel right. Music is a very powerful healing agent, and this was a way for us to express these things we were feeling."