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Talks: Mothern

Indie Accent Talks is a segment from us that contains a view of music from the perspective of music activists, especially local talent. We also try to give you music recommendations from a different point of view than usually we did. Kind of music or music inspires them, the music they listen to, music recommendations, and so on are things you will find in this segment. And hey, maybe you and your favorite band have a kind of same taste of music and it’s sounds like a pretty good thing.

In this 11th episode, we interviewed Jakarta based alternative trio, Mothern, which recently released their debut EP, “Afterdark”.

In this video, we talked about music he currently listen to, Indonesian’s favorite band, music he used to listen to growing up, dream collabs, first CD they bought, etc.


1. First thing first, what was the most recent song you've tuned into?

2. Pic an artwork that seems on your interest

3. Describe your dream collaboration and kind of music you'd like to produce

4. Name a song that you wish were written by you

5. Why started from EP?

6. Tell us your creative process of making the EP

7. Best part of making music?

8. Favorite song on stage?

9. Describe the "After Dark" EP

10. Mention a local artist with best live perfomance

11. Name your favorite band when you were in high school

12. First live perfomance?

13. First record you ever bought?

14. Top music video on thoughts

15. Give us a hint about your next plan

16. Ask yourselves a question

17. Describe your personal top 40 global hits





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