The Best Music Videos at the Beginning of 2018 | Article by Indie Accent


The Best Music Videos at the Beginning of 2018

Writer Valerie Dante

A song is not only lyrics and melodies; there’s a certain visual element that plays in our head when we listen to it. That’s why music videos play such a vital role in developing the story behind a song. How musicians choose to visually interpret or communicate the message in their song to the public ears and eyes will always be an interesting thing to see. Without further ado, here are a view of 2018’s best music videos (so far) that we’ve selected.


Pijar – Kereta Pulang

This Medan-based band is not a new name in the scene, Pijar has been blasting their music since 2013. And on February 18, they’ve released a new music video for “Kereta Pulang” from their newly-launched album “Ekstase.” Directed by Joel Jonathan, the video showcase a man’s long and tiring Jakartan-journey to reach his final destination which is his home. The song and the video matched in every single way for literally portraying a man’s train ride home.

Peonies – Thin Holidays

The warm colors, the symmetrical frames, the Wes Anderson-esque feel to it, and of course the instant noodle montage. There’s nothing to dislike from Peonies’ latest single “Thin Holidays” music video, which they released at the beginning of March. Director Jodi Setiawan and DoP Fahrul Rozi successfully conveyed the band’s musical quirkiness into a peculiar music video. The dream pop trio’s idea behind the song is to remember to squeeze in an unplanned short-break in the midst of life’s franticness..

Mardial (feat. Ramengvrl) – Digital Love

The electronic/dance whiz kid, Mardial, made an entrance at the beginning of 2018 by releasing the music video of “Digital Love.” Featuring on the track was Jakarta’s rising hip-hop star, Ramengvrl. This easy-listening song was paired with an unusual music video, basically showing a straight-faced Ramengvrl and Mardial having a picnic on a beautiful day out..

Japanese Breakfast – Boyish

“Boyish” music video which is directed by Michelle Zauner shows a different take on a school dance. The video flaunts three misfit teens strutting their way to the dance with the band performing. At first, it looked like one of the teens was eyeing her crush, but as it turns out, she was actually attracted to Zauner’s guitar. In addition to the cool story, the video’s visual has an exquisite color-grading ranging from blue, red, to purple.

Gengahr – Before Sunrise

What’s not to love about a bunch of Moroccan youngsters cruising in their dirt bikes? Shot and directed by Jamie Whitby, Gengahr’s visual interpretation of “Before Sunrise” was as youthful and joyous as the song itself. The video which came out on February 6 featured an actual Moroccan teenage gang ‘The Anfa Riders’ that radiates amazing adventurous energy that uplifts the song.

MGMT – Me & Michael

MGMT is back at it again with the music video of “Me & Michael” from their latest album “Little Dark Age.” Directed by Joey Frank and Randy Lee Maitland, the video contains lots of cultural messages and tells the story about how MGMT stole a song from the internet that eventually made them rich and famous by night. Filled with oddness here and there, the video also features actor Steve Buscemi’s actual brother, Michael. There’s only one thing that could describe this video: majestically weird.