The Boost of Creative Juice | Article by Indie Accent


The Boost Of Creative Juice

Writer Wicaksono Gitawan

Cover Image from Su Cassiano


The advancement of technology has brought many perks to the society. As we all know, many ways can be done to share and promote just about anything quickly nowadays, thanks to technology. Musicians are one of the many people that have enjoyed this benefit, and now the term “bedroom musician” had become a popular term that has circulated amongst the people. So, what is this so-called bedroom musician?

Bedroom musician is a musician that engaged in a DIY (do-it-yourself) principal of creating, recording, and producing their materials from the comfort of their bedroom, hence, the term “bedroom musician”. Ever since the internet blew out of the roof and became an everyday need of the modern society, it has become the communication medium that helped people stay in touch and connect with anyone around the globe.

Bedroom musicians have the privilege to use many websites such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube or music-streaming applications such as Spotify and Deezer to promote their materials online and it has sparked an outbreak of much high-quality music that was produced homemade for the past couple of years.

It is important to realise though that there are pros and cons that we can pinpoint the trend that has been happening for quite some time. First, bedroom musicians who produce their materials at home have more time to craft their stuff, and it is almost sure that they don’t have to pay any single dime for it compared to musicians that rented studios for recording. Second, they can concentrate more on creating their masterpiece because they were in familiar surroundings. Third, the independent music production method itself has helped shaped the music industry.

The cons, however, are maybe vital for some. First is the quality of the material. It is must be remembered that many applications can be used to create music. Garageband, Logic Pro, FL Studio, and Ableton are the most common ones used. The ability of one person to use any of these applications has been the primary argument of many in whether they can produce good quality materials or just sub-par music. Second, the sound it creates. We can argue that some of the music that was created at home did not have that same organic sound as it should have. Applications have helped many who in the example did not have a real drum at home to record their song. Some people argued that it’s like buying a canned-fruit, it’s good, but it’s not that fresh comparing to real fruit. Third, slacking off. Of course in the comfort of your own home, many can fall to this failure of time management.

In the end, bedroom musicians have helped us in exploring new possibilities of sound, engaged us with unique flavours that we can chew on, and improved our taste in music. Regardless of the pros and cons, it has raised our confidence that high-quality music will always be around because the creative juice of the people will still flow and music makers will fabricate fresh materials forever.