The Other “Side” that You Need to Hear | Article by Indie Accent


The Other “Side” that You Need to Hear

by: Valerie Dante

In the music industry, it’s a common practice to participate in more than one music group. A side project is a project which involves one or more people that known for their contribution to another band. The side project is known to spark the musician’s creativity as they could experiment something outside their regular unit. They can produce new sounds and, hey, a change is always a good idea right? Here’s a look at some of the side project that worth a listen.


Marsh Kids

This flamboyant rock/tornado pop group is the side project of many local musicians. From Sigit Pramudita (Tigapagi) as the vocals and guitar, Giovanni Rahmadeva & Billy Saleh (Polka Wars) as the drums & guitar, Binsar Tobing (San Teletone) as the bass, Muhammad Fahri (Duckdive) as the keyboards & synths, until Firza Achmar Paloh (Sore) as their vocals & guitar. All these immense musical talents pour their creative sense in Marsh Kids.

They released their debut album “The Many Failings of Bugsy Moonblood” in September 2014. Because of the diversity and the different backgrounds of the musicians involved, the 13 tracks on the album offers a great deal of musical variety ranging from folk, pop, up to jazz.


Through Bhang Records, Mooner, a 70s-inspired heavy rock band is born with a pinch of everything good. Mooner’s members are Absar Lebeh (The Slave) as the guitar, Tama (Sigmun) as the drums, Rekti (The Sigit) as the bass, and Marshella Saifra (Sarasvati) as their vocalist.

Their album material was gathered from all the jamming sessions they previously had. “Tabiat” was launched in April 2017 and it features 12 heavy/hard rock tracks.

Flower Girls

This women’s quartet formed initially for a single purpose: to perform at the Europalia program at London & Brussels in October 2017. They are a Dara Puspita tribute band and a side project of Indische Party’s drummer, Tika Pramesti. Tika also plays the drums in Flower Girls along with Yuyi Trirachma (bass/vocals), Rika Putrianjani (guitar/vocals), and Tanya Ditaputri (guitar/vocals).


Widely known as Anomalyst’s frontman, Christianto Ario expands his musical horizons by creating Kurosuke. Fill with rich lo-fi and 80s pop elements; the self-titled album was released in February 2018. The album presents 9 tracks which are divided into 7 songs and 2 ambient soundscapes. Ario did not only produce the album, but he also played every single instrument recorded.

No wonder why people call it an alter-ego music project since Kurosuke’s music sounds nothing like his original band. Ario successfully surprised a lot of people by dishing up a side of his musical taste that nobody knows.

Zigi Zaga

Eka Annash is not only actively singing with The Brandals, but he is also the bassist of Zigi Zaga. Together with Rika (vocals/guitar), Ricky (guitar), and Wizra (drums) they make music in the punk, indie, and rock area. Although they have only released three singles, Zigi Zaga has been actively jamming at several gigs since 2015. In an Instagram post on late December 2017, they’ve announced an upcoming debut album this year, so we better keep our heads up!

The Arcs

Known for his excellence as the frontman of the Black Keys, Dan Auerbach struts his palette of melodies in his side project; The Arcs. The American garage rock band’s first album, “Yours, Dreamily” was released in September 2015, featuring 14 tracks. The band members are made up of Auerbach’s jamming buddies Leon Michels (organ/synth/guitar) and Richard Swift (drums/keyboards). Along came Nick Myshon (bass), Homer Steinweiss (drums/bass), and Kenny Vaughan (guitar) into the scene.

In an interview with Rolling Stones, Auerbach mentioned that their songs are much more experimental and try to live up to the standard of music that each band members liked.


Not only is Chris Baio a talented bassist who plays with Vampire Weekend, but he is surprisingly also a keen DJ. Under the stage name ‘Baio’ he has released two albums these past few years. With a more alternative and indie take, his first album “The Names” was declared in 2015 and following his act he recently launched his sophomore album “Man of the World” last year.