80s by Indie Accent




Beautiful Day
by Mounika

" Violins throughout the song and sparkling piano to give you pleasure"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

Tiger In Your Tank
by Kaveh Kanes

"Visceral track that will confront you with memories of your childhood."

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

by Marsh Kids

"Born of natural collaboration and a unique, innovative take on genre"

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

Bye Bye
by Chordashian

"This song gonna make you drowned in sweetness"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

Red and White
by Patawawa

"Attractive 80s disco vibes for electronic music lovers"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

Across the Sea
by Falqo

"Smooth vocals, lovely guitar riffs and a disco beat all well joined"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

by Mrs Magician

"A garage rock song that we missed"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

by Thats Nice

"Crunchy guitar, smooth vocal of Josh Moriarty and catchy synthesizer"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

Fiona Coyne
by Skylar Spence

"sounds simple to but very memorable"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO