Acoustic by Indie Accent




Blank Marquee (Ft. G-Eazy)
by Yuna

"Modern love song that will have you dancing in your own way"


Long Gone
by Phum Viphurit

"Comes stacked with all the essentials for a lo-fi track"

CF | 1107 DAYS AGO

Fading Flower
by Yuna

"She's delivering a catchy and vibrant dose of modern love song"

CF | 1189 DAYS AGO

by Danilla

"Packed in a peaceful atmosphere"

CF | 1190 DAYS AGO

No Diggity (Blackstreet Cover)
by Alice Jemima

"Next three minutes you're going to hear an absolute ear-gasm"

CF | 1197 DAYS AGO

Untuk Perempuan Yang Sedang Dalam Pelukan (Live)
by Payung Teduh

"Spacious strings & brasswind that is pretty but not excessive"

CF | 1210 DAYS AGO

Lonely Telephone
by Just Jack

"The choice of mild lyrics makes this song hard to resist."

HA | 1272 DAYS AGO

Special Lovely Way
by MarcoMarche

"There's something interesting about this that i couldn't resist"

DB | 1280 DAYS AGO

Mr. Blue
by Asteriska

"Create an instantly enjoyable atmosphere of intimacy for the listeners"

CF | 1308 DAYS AGO

by Charlie Lim

"It make us sucked in a classy and pleasant atmosphere"

HA | 1322 DAYS AGO

The House
by Stars and Rabbit

"Voices which makes you find yourself listening to early time of Bjork"

CF | 1337 DAYS AGO

A Song of Us
by MarcoMarche

"Enchanting harmonies and sweetly innocent lyrics"

CF | 1337 DAYS AGO