Alternative Dance by Indie Accent




by Parcels

"Funky disco groove which remind me of their Daft Punk collaboration"

CF | 2149 DAYS AGO

Overnight (Prod. by Daft Punk)
by Parcels

"Showing off the subtle but noticeable funk and disco sound"

CF | 2434 DAYS AGO

by Sun City

"They're keeping the summer vibes going with their latest Daytona EP"

CF | 2517 DAYS AGO

Coconut Kiss
by Niki & The Dove

"Addictive, tropical-tinged song which included in their second album"

CF | 2568 DAYS AGO

Beat Me To The Punch (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
by Bag Raiders

"Hawthorne's charismatic vocal is definitely highlight of this song"

CF | 2596 DAYS AGO

by Justice

"Stunning music video"

CF | 2596 DAYS AGO

Welcome To Your Life
by Grouplove

"They never run out of ideas to make a catchy song after all this time"

CF | 2663 DAYS AGO

Somewhere Up There
by Passion Pit

"Experimenting with a slightly fresher approach to their music"

CF | 2676 DAYS AGO

One Step At A Time (Feat. Natalola)
by Bearson

"Showing that tropical house is something he actually nailed easily"

CF | 2677 DAYS AGO

by The Boris Suit

"It's perfect to accompany your beautiful saturday night! "

DB | 2687 DAYS AGO


"One of Australia's most prolific indie dance acts"

CF | 2692 DAYS AGO

La Prima Estate
by Erlend Oye

"A sun-kissed indie folk that happens to be sung in Italian by Øye"

CF | 2692 DAYS AGO