British Pop by Indie Accent




Shampoo Bottle
by Peach Pit

"The sleepy vocals tie it all together in the most delicate of ways"

CF | 1073 DAYS AGO

Peach Pit
by Peach Pit

"A song to enhance the quality of your lazy time."

HA | 2026 DAYS AGO

I'll Do Anything
by Theme Park

"This album is absolutely fantastic"

HA | 2093 DAYS AGO

by Gorillaz

"Most comfortable and easily digested"

CF | 2125 DAYS AGO

by Dornik

"Easily gets compared to Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Michael Jackson"

CF | 2142 DAYS AGO

You Are Real
by Theme Park

"Just don't miss this summer breeze tunes"

HA | 2189 DAYS AGO

Everything You've Come to Expect
by The Last Shadow Puppets

"This track shows maturity in songwriting by both Turner and Kane"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO

I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)
by Jamie XX

"Brought electronic music to brand new level by mixing it with hip hop"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO

by Theme Park

" This song got the beautiful vibes in it"

HA | 2189 DAYS AGO

Bad Habits
by The Last Shadow Puppets

"That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go away."

AM | 2189 DAYS AGO