Hip Hop by Indie Accent




Great Dane
by Cosmo Pyke

"His songs draws more on his everyday experience growing up"

CF | 1413 DAYS AGO

Bobby Tarantino II
by Logic

"Simple yet refreshing songs that you can enjoy at any time of the day."

WG | 1596 DAYS AGO

Digital Love (feat. Ramengvrl)
by Mardial

"The beat is deceptively simple, playful and warped"

CF | 1638 DAYS AGO

Will He
by Joji

"A moody gem and buoyant R&B tune showcasing Joji's songwriting talent"

CF | 1692 DAYS AGO

Chronic Sunshine
by Cosmo Pyke

"His soulful vocals layered above a disjointed beat and delicate guitar"

CF | 1707 DAYS AGO

by mtbrd

"He definitely will gives us some chill throughout his music and beat s"

VD | 1762 DAYS AGO

Im Da Man
by Ramengvrl

"It has a sick beat, is lyrically rich and has a message in it"

CF | 1827 DAYS AGO

Scared Money
by NxWorries

"Starts with 80's-nostalgia R&B jam which immediately got my attention"

CF | 1834 DAYS AGO

Love (Feat. Syd)
by Dean

"I came for Syd, but I stayed for Dean"


No Peace (Ft. Tom Misch)
by Alfa Mist

"Invites fellow Londoner Tom Misch on one perfect late-night soundscape"

CF | 1899 DAYS AGO

by Childish Gambino

"Make me wish we had more music like this on radio"

CF | 1923 DAYS AGO

by Knxwledge

"He definitely brings his lo-fi dominated music to a brand new level"

CF | 1954 DAYS AGO