RnB by Indie Accent




You Da One (Factuel Remix)
by Rihanna

"I definitely gonna listen to the original one because of this."

CF | 1082 DAYS AGO

Forget About Me
by Nick Murphy

"It feels like a rediscovery"

CF | 1118 DAYS AGO

by Childish Gambino

"Make me wish we had more music like this on radio"

CF | 1124 DAYS AGO

Let Me Love You
by Wafia

"There's something soothing about it that hits the right mood"

CF | 1127 DAYS AGO


"Pleasant falsetto soars above a simplistic music"

CF | 1169 DAYS AGO

Fear Less
by Nick Murphy

"Chet Faker will always be a part of the music. This is next."

CF | 1173 DAYS AGO

Can't You Tell
by How To Dress Well

"One of American's most underrated treasures"

CF | 1173 DAYS AGO

Love Somebody
by Ta-Ku & Wafia

"Simplistic lyricaly and instrumentally could made such a deep message"

CF | 1173 DAYS AGO

by Dornik

"Easily gets compared to Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Michael Jackson"

CF | 1173 DAYS AGO

Gemini Feed
by Banks

"Banks known for her expertise in making dark alternative music"

CF | 1192 DAYS AGO

Shadow Dances
by Opia

"All the components just gather so well to build an eargasmic song"

HA | 1208 DAYS AGO

by Janitra Satriani

"This song could definitely be a perfect lullaby."

DB | 1216 DAYS AGO