Synth Pop by Indie Accent



Digital Love (feat. Ramengvrl)
by Mardial

"The beat is deceptively simple, playful and warped"

CF | 1019 DAYS AGO

Face Down In The Gutter of Your Love
by Dent May

"His voice and persona kinda reminds me of Mayer Hawthorne"

CF | 1071 DAYS AGO

Dont Let Go
by Basenji

"Dreamy dance pop tune with tropical influences and an uplifting chorus"

CF | 1073 DAYS AGO

In A Song
by Black Kids

"Their sound seamlessly marries an ‘80s vibe with synth-pop"

CF | 1141 DAYS AGO

by Roosevelt

"This track is nothing but positive outlooks and a broken-heart phrases"

CF | 1208 DAYS AGO

Across The Multiverse (feat. Frankie Cosmos)
by Dent May

"Hearing Cosmos in a context so far from her own music is a happiness"

CF | 1218 DAYS AGO

Love Like Mine
by Miami Horror

"Takes listeners on one chilled out funky ride with easy-going vibes "

CF | 1243 DAYS AGO

My Jinji
by Sunset Rollercoaster

"This song will be the perfect lullaby for you in every night."

HA | 1263 DAYS AGO

by Elohim

"You might think this one is a trippy song"

CF | 1270 DAYS AGO

by Medasin

"Perfect blending of electronic, lo-fi, and jazz"

CF | 1273 DAYS AGO

Just Once
by Shura

"Slant toward sentimental heartroken lyrics, dreamy ambient synths"

CF | 1273 DAYS AGO

Coconut Kiss
by Niki & The Dove

"Addictive, tropical-tinged song which included in their second album"

CF | 1276 DAYS AGO