Synth Pop by Indie Accent



Some Kind of Everything
by Monmarte

"Restore your spirit back on with this track"

HA | 1398 DAYS AGO

Cant Get Enough
by Basenji

"Overload cuteness track came from one of Future Classic's hero"

CF | 1398 DAYS AGO

by Chela

"Delivers a positive vibes resulting an unpretentious love song"

CF | 1401 DAYS AGO

Swimming Pool Blues
by Miniature Tigers

"Sun-kissed, carefree party-time vibes"

CF | 1401 DAYS AGO

La Prima Estate
by Erlend Oye

"A sun-kissed indie folk that happens to be sung in Italian by Øye"

CF | 1401 DAYS AGO


"It's packed with full of upbeat, highly addictive indie pop."

HA | 1401 DAYS AGO

Small Hours
by Hazy Mountains

"Dazzling icy tunes"

HA | 1401 DAYS AGO

by Capyac

"A catchy side of "baloonwave" style of music"

HA | 1401 DAYS AGO

Pretty Thoughts
by Alina Baraz

"Soft warmy voice that shows a slow motion devastation in no hurry"

CF | 1401 DAYS AGO

by Purity Ring

"Chvrches with a dark poetry yet sexy lyrical music"

CF | 1401 DAYS AGO

by Last Dinosaurs

"They always managed to bring a great harmonies to their songs"

CF | 1401 DAYS AGO

Without You
by Oh Wonder

"Still keep the harmonious and perfectly sync vocal's of the duo."

CF | 1401 DAYS AGO