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This atmospheric track is dark and haunting

With You
by Dried Cassava

Percakapan Pt. 1
by Mantra Vutura

by biner

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by Snowmine

"Smooth songs that will make you dissolved in the atmosphere"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

by Theme Park

" This song got the beautiful vibes in it"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

My Propeller
by Arctic Monkeys

"Transition from their old musical style to the new one"

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

Legenda Berbalut Ngeri
by Morfem

"Catchy one by Morfem with crunching guitar riff"

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

by Tame Impala

"Tame Impala taught us that breaking up is not the ending"

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

Saturday Light
by Mondo Gascaro

"Washes your bad memories and brings you to happy place."

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

Get Lost
by Washed Out

"touches of disco mixed with psychedelic tunes"

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

Anjing Jalanan
by Kelompok Penerbang Roket

"Good old fashion rock and roll and unexpectedly embraceable. "

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

Bad Habits
by The Last Shadow Puppets

"That rock’n’roll, it just won’t go away."

AM | 1257 DAYS AGO

by Efek Rumah Kaca

"Best death song i've ever heard"

CF | 1257 DAYS AGO

Out Of Time
by Skogsra

"Sick-fun-beat that sounds really sweet"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO

by Mrs Magician

"A garage rock song that we missed"

HA | 1257 DAYS AGO