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Percakapan Pt. 1
Mantra Vutura

A dimly lit and gallantly gritty of an experimental-electronic jam

With You
by Dried Cassava

Sound of the Rain
by Duara

Percakapan Pt. 1
by Mantra Vutura

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Apollo (Demo)
by Last Dinosaurs

"The dirty version of Apollo that worth to listen"

HA | 1218 DAYS AGO

Weekend Lover
by The John Steel Singers

"combination of instruments in this song feels like candy in your ears"

HA | 1218 DAYS AGO

Back to School
by A Great Big Pile of Leaves

"Experimental rock that bring the "

HA | 1218 DAYS AGO

Fiona Coyne
by Skylar Spence

"sounds simple to but very memorable"

HA | 1218 DAYS AGO

by Monkey to Millionaire

"Easy listening side of indie rock"

HA | 1218 DAYS AGO

Lo-Fi Children
by Wild Party

"energic, fast beat, and bubbling sound of synthesizer"

HA | 1218 DAYS AGO

by Neon Indian

"funk energy with strong vibes of chillwave"

HA | 1218 DAYS AGO

by Sore

"Gesneriana has a 70s/80s melancholy vibes to it."

CF | 1218 DAYS AGO

by Private Island

"Contain of an alternative rock with a retrogroove vibes"

CF | 1218 DAYS AGO

by Last Dinosaurs

"They knew this one had to be the next "Zoom""

CF | 1218 DAYS AGO

This Providence
by Polka Wars

"Has all of alternative vibes that really few can make in Indonesia"

CF | 1218 DAYS AGO

by Fickle Friends

"New Wave Pop with bouncy, summery guitar riff and catchy synth"

CF | 1218 DAYS AGO