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Sweet Talker
Sarah Hemi

It is a hazy late night jam you can't help but groove along to

Gadis Bermata Biru
by Sundancer

Be Sweet
by Japanese Breakfast

Sweet Talker
by Sarah Hemi

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Crazy Eyes
by Brother Moses

"Calm and simplicity from indie rock side"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

by Max Havelaar

"The astonishing instruments from the modern rock style"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

by Hungry Kids of Hungary

"The harmonious melody and an 70s pop vibes"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

Back & Forth
by The Aston Shuffle

"This song bring the soft and energetic feels"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

Internet Porn
by Polock

"Lovely track from Spain"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

Made in Heights
by Made in Heights

"The tunes make you feel so calm"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

It's Alright
by Kid Astray

"This band plays indie pop game correctly"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

To The End With Me
by Train Robbers

"vocals sounds and hi hat beats really enhance the feels of this song"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

by Gym and Swim

"My thoughts fly away to the beach when listening to this"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

Across the Sea
by Falqo

"Smooth vocals, lovely guitar riffs and a disco beat all well joined"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

Caress Your Soul
by Sticky Fingers

"The bassline during the chorus is simply a beauty"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO

by Snowmine

"Smooth songs that will make you dissolved in the atmosphere"

HA | 1539 DAYS AGO