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Tug of War

Minimalistic production of this song suits her breathy vocals

Another Day
by The SIGIT

Home Arrest
by Puff Punch

Tug of War
by Jinan

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by Neon Indian

"funk energy with strong vibes of chillwave"

HA | 1357 DAYS AGO

by Sore

"Gesneriana has a 70s/80s melancholy vibes to it."

CF | 1357 DAYS AGO

by Private Island

"Contain of an alternative rock with a retrogroove vibes"

CF | 1357 DAYS AGO

by Last Dinosaurs

"They knew this one had to be the next "Zoom""

CF | 1357 DAYS AGO

This Providence
by Polka Wars

"Has all of alternative vibes that really few can make in Indonesia"

CF | 1357 DAYS AGO

by Fickle Friends

"New Wave Pop with bouncy, summery guitar riff and catchy synth"

CF | 1357 DAYS AGO

Technicolour Beat
by Oh Wonder

"Light vocals, heavy beats and minimalist piano"

CF | 1357 DAYS AGO