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"This EP showed us what Soft Blood is, and it is a good sight."


Hailing from Bandung’s alternative indie scene, Soft Blood finally marked their debut by releasing “Labyrinth.” After successfully tempting us with a couple of singles from previous years, the Jatinangor-based music group launched an EP packed with six eclectic pop tracks. The jangle pop band which consist of Andri Cahyaningtyas (vocals/synth), Dini Lestari (bass), Rizal Taufikkurohman (guitar), Mirza Wardhana (guitars/vocals), and Surya “Kuya” Asshidiq (drums) worked for over six months on this mini album.

In an interview they had with CNN Indonesia, the band unfolds the story behind this mini album’s universal theme that possibly anyone can associate with: love. The title of the EP, “Labyrinth” itself tries to represent those who are lost and in need of guidance to navigate themselves through this journey of love.

We unwrap with the first track from the EP, “Labyrinth” has this slow-paced melody and an overall relaxing tone to it. They mentioned that “Labyrinth” is like a single thread that holds all the pieces of the EP together, no wonder why this particular track was used as the title of the EP. Afterwards “The Shangri-La’s Journey” is a song that accentuates the drums and synthesizer that conjoined well with Mirza’s vocals. The air of this song tells the story of one’s quest to find someone whom they want to share their ‘shangri-la’ or their eternal happiness with.

Next up, the slow-tempo “Epitaph” will hypnotize you with some brilliantly melancholic guitar melodies. Epitaph itself roughly translates to a phrase or inscription on a tombstone. Moreover, the band described this song as an ode for those who are waiting for something. Soft Blood had previously released a music video for this song right on Christmas last year. Serving us with another downbeat track, “Hold Me” kicked it off with some tropical-nuanced guitar riff. Every element of this song had such precise portion, from the backing vocals, the guitars, until Andri and Mirza’s vocals that do this track wonders.

The EP carried on with “Empty Road” which oozes out romance through their minimalist melodies and dreamy vocals. This tune takes us through a constant state of bliss with just the right amount of everything and not crumpling it with some inessential melodies. And after voyaging through five slow-paced tracks, Soft Blood gave the perfect ending to “Labyrinth” with a surprisingly upbeat song, “Your Tee.” Accompanied by slightly monotonic vocals and drum beats, what differentiate this track from the rest of the EP is the colour of it. While the rest of the tracks has this gloomy and sort of glum feel to it, “Your Tee” seems to shower us with this infuriated energy.

Overall “Labyrinth” dished up songs about love with different colours that could easily be your falling in love or even heartbreak anthem. This EP showed us what Soft Blood is, and it is a good sight.

Recommended tracks: Labyrinth, Epitaph, Hold Me

Final verdict: 3/5





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