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"“MULTIVERSES” is an album that remains relevant in any situation. "


I believe it was mid-2015 when I listened to Jakarta-based rock band, .Feast (yes, with a full stop) / @ffeastt for the first time. Their first songs, “Camkan” and “Sectumsempra” were the ones that attracted me. I remember when I used the lyrics of “Camkan” which are “Ritualmu urusanmu, Ritualku urusanku, Camkan!” as my pinned tweet on twitter, I was so inspired by them back then. March 2016 was the first time I saw them live, I was stunned by their performance and visuals (which consisted of video footage of world war, vintage film, etc). And then I heard a rumour that .Feast were on the verge of splitting up, but thank God they’re only going on hiatus. Their debut album titled "MULTIVERSES" (that’s going to be released tomorrow) is the reason they took a break from the band. Actually, they nearly released an album back in 2015, but due to a lack of technical abilities and the raw quality of the new material, they decided to take it down.

“Patience is a virtue” is probably the phrase that describes how this album has been made. Released by Leeds Records and Karma Records, this album mostly talks about social politics, especially about the situation of our beloved nation lately, but in a metaphorical way. The confident lead track “Riphunter” is the one that makes people who listen to .Feast since day one will never thought it was performed by the same band that released “Camkan”. For example, I never thought the phrase that they used for the album promotion (which is “we gonna win this”) turned out to be a hip hop song. “Riphunter” is stunning, with the help of Mardial, Ramengvrl, and Bam Mastro to make the song feel so alive.

.Feast admitted that Rhoma Irama’s “Santai” was the inspiration behind the musical term of “Kelelawar”. People will probably fall in love with this song because of the catchy guitar lick and the lyrics that will force them to nod their heads and dance a little bit, and there’s a guest vocal appearance by Karaeng of Polka Wars in the middle of the song. Again, .Feast shows their other side in “u?op ?p?sdn” with slinky guitar rhythms that make you keep dancing right after “Kelelawar”. One of my favorite things about this album are the spoken-word pieces that vocalist Baskara Putra performs in-between songs as I can relate with the themes.

“MULTIVERSES” for me is more like a storybook, because it makes you curious about the stories’ continuity. There’s a trilogy within “MULTIVERSES” consisting of “Blackwater”, “Multiverses”, and “Watcher of the Wall”. “Blackwater” kinda reminds me of a My Chemical Romance song, with a pretty fast tempo, .Feast manage to do a flawless transition to “Multiverses” as Heidi Nasution delivers a lyrically strong performance. On “Watcher of the Wall”, Oscar Lolang’s voice is so powerful, I’m sure most people will have goosebumps upon hearing it.

I listened to “Jerusalem” when I’m stuck on a full train while going to work and I believe it’s the song that I can relate with the most. I feel like I can understand what they’re trying to say in this song, Especially when the Alicia Keys-esque voice starts to sing some lyrics that probably describe situations that took place in Jakarta recently.

“MULTIVERSES” is an album that remains relevant in any situation. .Feast is doing what Polka Wars did with Axis Mundi, they break the boundaries by not sticking to one genre. As a debut, “MULTIVERSES” is a very strong statement, there’s a balance between the album material and the way they promoted it. I know it’s still September, but yeah, “MULTIVERSES” is the album of the year for me. Tomorrow, “MULTIVERSES” is going to be released and I know, they gonna win this. Last but not least (uh, so cliché), Welcome to MULTIVERSES.

Final Verdict: 8/10





"Trying to explore the sound & bring new approach in song-writing"

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"Feast consistently bringing rock genre in every way they can"

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