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Talks: Bedchamber

Indie Accent Talks is a segment from us that contains a view of music from the perspective of music activists, especially local talent. We also try to give you music recommendations from a different point of view than usually we did. Kind of music or music inspires them, the music they listen to, music recommendations, and so on are things you will find in this segment. And hey, maybe you and your favorite band have a kind of same taste of music and it’s sounds like a pretty good thing.

In this 8th episode, we interviewed Jakarta-based dream pop band, bedchamber, who recently dropped their debut album “Geography”. Songs in Geography were written in different periods of time so they might sound different from one and another, and it also sounds more mature from their previous EP.

In this video, we talked about their favorite songs, videos, local artist recommendation, dream collaboration and a special Geography quiz from us.


1. What is the difference Geography and Perennial? (0:20)

2. Tell us about Geography (1:01)

3. What is your dream collaboration? (2:56)

4. What kind of music would you guys produce? (3:10)

5. Tell us the difference between Indonesia and Thailand on stage (3:23)

6. Tell us about your tour (4:03)

7. Recommend a Thailand local band (5:19)

8. Recommend a Twitter account (6:10)

9. Recommend a Youtube account (6:51)

10. If Bedchamber didn't ever exist, are you guys up to this scene? (7:25)

11. What is your alternate band name? (7:43)

12. If you were stranded, what music album you had to bring? (8:04)

13. Recommend a rising local musician? (8:17)

14. Favorite lyrics on your track? (8:30)

15. Favorite song on stage? (9:07)

16. Name song that you wish were written by you (9:31)





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