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Talks: The Marias

Indie Accent Talks is a segment from us that contains a view of music from the perspective of music activists, especially local talent. We also try to give you music recommendations from a different point of view than usually we did. Kind of music or music inspires them, the music they listen to, music recommendations, and so on are things you will find in this segment. And hey, maybe you and your favorite band have a kind of same taste of music and it’s sounds like a pretty good thing.

In this 9th episode, we got a chance to interviewed international artist, The Marias. Los Angeles based group formed in late 2016, and it began with Maria and Josh’s relationship. Sometimes, a very successful band is consist of members who are romantically involved. They released their debut EP, ‘Superclean Vol. 1’, and followed by ‘Superclean Vol. 2’ which will be released hopefully in near future. Smooth rendezvous of jazz percussion, hypnotic guitar riffs, smoke-velvet music became their main musical identity.

In this episode, we talked about their weekend in Indonesia, first song they wrote, spanish lyrics, dating in a band and other interesting topics. Link in our bio!


1. How is Indonesia treating you so far? Anything you guys like in particular? (0:42)

2. So, what lit the fire? How did you guys get into writing music? (1:26)

3. Since you guys (Maria and Josh) are dating, is it a different experience when the object of your affection is also involved in every step of the music production? How is it different?? (2:04)

4. What was the first song you guys write together? Did it make it to Superclean? (3:31)

5. Of all the places you visited and performed as a band, what’s your favourite? And what did you guys miss the most about L.A? (4:34)

6. Let’s talk about your Coachella debut. How did it go? (5:21)

7. Two of your songs are in Spanish, would this be a common theme on your future releases? (5:49)

9. Hypothetically, if all of you could play in a movie, what kind of movie would like to be in? (6:20)

10. Do you guys have any love advice?? (7:09)

The Marias

f. United States of America | c. 2016



The Marias


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