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Human Resources


Human Resources (H?) is a new-wave dance rock band from Charleston, South Carolina. The band utilizes a contemporary approach to writing and producing its music, incorporating new tones and technologies to create accessible songs that are deeply engrained with dance and heavy groove sensibilities. As the flagship project of Charleston based record label, Coast Records, the individual members of H? frequently lend their services, both as producers and session players, to a wide variety of musical acts in the area, an effort that has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of both the conceptualization and execution of a complete musical product. While the sound is instantly accessible, the band’s emphasis on layered, textural grooves allows listeners the opportunity to find new moments of excitement within each experience. Human Resources’ live shows further reflect the band’s eye for concise and professional production. In addition to varying set lists, song manipulation, and intricate segues, each show also contains unique lighting and visual elements. (


Bad News

"Just like the pizza, your ears will be craving for more of this."

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