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ROLLFAST is a heavy rock band from Bali, Indonesia, formed in 2011. The five-piece is currently consists of vocalist Agha Paraditya, bassist Arya Triandana, drummer Ayrton Maurits Willem, and two guitarists Gungwah Brahmantia, and Bayu Krisna. They define themselves as energetic rock performers, with a blend of psychedelic, and even blues at some point. During their performance, the band mostly improvises and experiment on sound that can be heavily haunting.
They released their debut album, Lanes Oil, Dream Is Pry, in October 2015 and gained more exposure in the industry. The album title is an anagram from “I Misread Personally”, and recorded live in Jakarta, 2014. The lyrical content here mostly gazed on spiritualism, unconsciousness, personal experience, and social anomie in general.
Together, they picture their live set with slow-jam progression, into heavy guitar riffs. Prior to their final set, the music sound almost like an electric execution, shown by instrumental noises and crashing cymbals. Death, or the end of the set is when the delay stops. Fatality is a beauty; if you hear closely to the echoing rhythms crawl. (


Multiple Dessert

"This song managed to strike the right chords with my ears"

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"Telling the story of the concept of continuous exploitation in Bali"

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