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Woro & The Night Owls


WORO & The Night Owls is a solo music project of singer-songwriter, WORO (vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer) together with her backup band Ditya (bass), Haris (drums). This project is called WORO & The Night Owls because owls are nocturnal creatures that have distinctive characteristics and uniqueness. As mysterious, solitary animals, owls tend to be more observant of their environment, have sharp senses, strong instinct, and are intelligent as well.
These characteristics describe WORO & The Night Owls’ tunes that seem mysterious and gloomy, but the majority of the lyrics voice optimism based on what are seen, heard and felt from all around. Moreover, the term 'night owls' also represents the members’ habits, often awake until predawn. They feel that night until predawn is a magical and solitary stretch of time that inspires creation and contemplation. In terms of ambience, WORO & The Night Owls’ sound and genre is a blend of downtempo, soul, chill, ambient with a touch of trip hop.


You, Me and Her

"Smooth vocals making for a mesmerizing listening experience"

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