Deep House by Indie Accent




Scenic Route (Feat. Feli)
by Soul Catalyst

"Decorated with interesting garage house beats and a cute vocal"

CF | 2149 DAYS AGO

Electric (Ft. Khalid)
by Alina Baraz

"This one is pure silk"

CF | 2169 DAYS AGO

Crazy Dream
by Tom Misch

"Misch's signature upbeat, neo-soul vibe paired with melodic vocals"

CF | 2184 DAYS AGO

Hometown Girl
by Zhu

"Funky guitar licks that seems like hits all the right notes"

CF | 2185 DAYS AGO

In the Midst of It All
by Tom Misch

"It’s one of the first thing we listen to every morning"

AM | 2185 DAYS AGO

by Neon Indian

"Fully loaded with fresh electro-pop and reggae jam"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO

Paradise Awaits
by Zhu

"A perfect balance for continual listening pleasure"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO


"One of Australia's most prolific indie dance acts"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO

by Darius

"Let yourself drifted with warm tones that set the breezy atmosphere"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO

Love Sublime (Feat. Nile Rodgers & Fiora)
by Tensnake

"Contains a serious groovy guitar riff from "Get Lucky" superstar"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO

Pretty Thoughts
by Alina Baraz

"Soft warmy voice that shows a slow motion devastation in no hurry"

CF | 2189 DAYS AGO

Atmosphere Feat. Carmody
by Tom Misch

"A fancy musical instruments made to feel the love atmosphere"

HA | 2189 DAYS AGO