New Wave by Indie Accent




by Grup Musik Hari Libur

"This track creating an impressive '80s spacey-pop feel"


Face Down In The Gutter of Your Love
by Dent May

"His voice and persona kinda reminds me of Mayer Hawthorne"

CF | 1008 DAYS AGO

out of nowhere
by eleventwelfth

"The transition between the every part is very, very neat. Eargasm."

DB | 1008 DAYS AGO

Across The Multiverse (feat. Frankie Cosmos)
by Dent May

"Hearing Cosmos in a context so far from her own music is a happiness"

CF | 1155 DAYS AGO

Love Like Mine
by Miami Horror

"Takes listeners on one chilled out funky ride with easy-going vibes "

CF | 1180 DAYS AGO

Just Once
by Shura

"Slant toward sentimental heartroken lyrics, dreamy ambient synths"

CF | 1210 DAYS AGO

Goodbye Soleil
by Phoenix

"The French indie pop outfit effortlessly takes us back to the ’70s."

CF | 1213 DAYS AGO

by Phoenix

"Delighted by the fact that they are making music again"

CF | 1247 DAYS AGO

Your Head As My Favourite Bookstore
by eleventwelfth

"I recommend you listen to the EP continously."

DB | 1287 DAYS AGO

Bad News
by Human Resources

"Just like the pizza, your ears will be craving for more of this."

HA | 1337 DAYS AGO

Oblique City
by Phoenix

"You absolutely have to give it a whirl!"

CF | 1337 DAYS AGO

Trouble With Us
by Chet Faker

"Catchy guitar riffs and pumping rythm"

HA | 1337 DAYS AGO