Post Punk by Indie Accent




Charming Deceiver
by Camlann

"Creating a track that is equal parts old-school and contemporary"


The Forgotten Lost Fragments
by Camlann

"Delightfully bleaky offering from this emerging group"

CF | 1218 DAYS AGO

by Camlann

"Dark instrumental accents that slither below the breathy, deep vocals"

CF | 1232 DAYS AGO

Pale and Rigid
by Modern Approach

"Waves of unnerving electronica"

CF | 1358 DAYS AGO

Bad Decision
by The Strokes

"the song that starts off with a Blink 182-esque guitar line"

CF | 1554 DAYS AGO

Suck on Your Mind
by Tuska

"It's hard to listen without thinking about Kevin Parker's vocals"

CF | 2311 DAYS AGO

In A Song
by Black Kids

"Their sound seamlessly marries an ‘80s vibe with synth-pop"

CF | 2433 DAYS AGO

We Could Be Alone
by Tuska

"Almost feel like listening to new Tame Impala material"

CF | 2663 DAYS AGO

Moon River
by Pijar

"Sharp guitar-riffs, strong hi-hat games, and catchy pop melodies"

CF | 2687 DAYS AGO

Bad Decisions
by Two Door Cinema Club

"More on Pop directions than rock which their old music sounds like"

CF | 2688 DAYS AGO

Threat of Joy
by The Strokes

"Making undeniably catchy music comes naturally to these guys"

CF | 2688 DAYS AGO

Are We Ready (Wreck)
by Two Door Cinema Club

"Starting to curve away from their original style but it still good"

CF | 2692 DAYS AGO